Monday, April 27, 2015

My husband got music in his blood
Got rhythm in his bones
Got songs in his mouth
Tap tapping on a drum set

a steering wheel
our kitchen table
I hear him

My husband got broken up beats that hide behind his teeth 

His heartbeat is my bass line 
my life line
when the world crashes into my rhythm
he is there
keeping time

Tap tapping on a high hat when I am low
Most days his music is all I can hear
when depression has taken hold of my body
filled these lungs with anxious melodies
shoved songs of doubt
of insecurity
of hate
in my mouth
When my demons are a symphony of destruction in my mind
I listen for his voice
and as I hear his tongue sing with sweet harmony
I want to throw myself into the song
but I
I do not know how to be anyone's metronome

Yet here I am 
wife, friend, lover
my husband and I dancing through this life
And just when I think I will fall
he catches me

And I heat the music in his blood
Feel the rhythm in his bones

and taste the songs in his mouth

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I heard no church bells - revision for slam clinic

Daisies covered that field like waves in an ocean
I swam through currents of yellow gold and delicate white 
A wild bride in her floral sea

I felt the softness of lace trail down my back 
to my feet
heard bracelets clink on my wrists
as I reached for his hand
Blue topaz and silver circles sang our fingers electric 
and we tasted love and freedom and youth
bare feet grounded 
in the magic
of us

I heard no church bells but I worshiped in the open air
and I gave my vows with certainty
because I wrote them myself

So we bound ourselves
woman to man
man to woman.