Thursday, May 28, 2015



We breathe stories like oxygen, 
Then spreadwords into our world like wildfire

We hear the call of the wild from the pages of a worn paperback,
We understand the power of myth
We stare into the eyes of the world and see narrative

Dear readers, we understand how worlds are created.
We let stories live in the spaces of our minds
let the magic fill our veins
we grow Halloween trees in our hearts and
search the skies for moving castles 

we steal kisses from Kafka
and we know that every love story is a ghost story
because we live in the best of times and the worst of times,
drinking bathtub gin,
and smiling because we understand that a hero ain't nothin' but a sandwich.

We vacation in Narnia and Lusitania,
and we love Jo but goddamn is "Albus Severus" a stupid name.
We are friends of elves and cacticae and hobbits and dragons,
We find truth in pages and understand how words can change lives
how language is alive 
We follow words down the rabbit hole that is empathy 

We have lived Bukowski's low life
danced in Neil's Neverwhere,
and we know fear
know loathing
know Las Vegas

We got through Wuthering Heights twice before realizing that we hated it, 
and we've spent many a day wondering exactly what combination of drugs we'd have to take to get on Lewis Caroll's level

Falling in love with our tell-tale hearts
we embrace stories like old friends
and inhale the perfume of binding glue and parchment like the scent of a lover
worshiping in library cathedrals,
we know that books are not just paper and ink but containers for ideas and change
we read because we know that to value imagination is to value our humanity
we read because in language there is freedom